Trademark Attorney Keeps You On Track

Keep Your Business On Track – Hire a South Florida Trademark Attorney

Trademarks are all too commonly considered optional to many businesses.  However, having a trademark attorney register your trademarks is one of the best business decisions that your business can make because hiring a trademark attorney to file your trademark application requires a small fee in comparison to the time and money should you later be forced to stop using your business name or slogan.

Doing It Yourself

In too many cases, individuals forgo hiring a trademark attorney.  This is a mistake.  Many mistakes will go unnoticed at the Trademark Office because the Trademark Office does not determine whether the information in the application is proper in terms of the legal requirements.  In many cases, lay persons do not realize that the trademark application has portions with specific legal requirements and meanings.  It takes experience to understand those legal requirements.  All too often, individuals unintentionally commit fraud on the trademark office because they did not seek the advice of a trademark attorney.

Trademark Attorney Benefits

Some of the benefits of hiring a trademark attorney includes:

(1)    The trademark attorney can conduct a trademark search to uncover potential conflicts with the desired name, slogan, or other symbol;

(2)    The trademark attorney can analyze any uncovered trademarks to determine whether the uncovered marks would in fact prevent registration and/or use of the trademark;

(3)    The trademark attorney can prepare a trademark application that maximizes the protectable rights, without unnecessarily or unintentionally threatening the validity of the registration;

(4)    The trademark attorney can respond to Office Action responses.  The trademark office will often reject a trademark application.  In many cases, a trademark attorney is able to overcome the rejection or take steps to develop trademark rights.  Furthermore, should the application ultimately be rejected, the trademark attorney can help develop a plan of action to develop trademark rights; and

(5)    The trademark attorney can monitor for conflicting registrations;

(6)    The trademark attorney can monitor the market place for infringers and can also enforce the trademark rights of our clients.

Trademark Attorneys Are Worth The Cost

Trademark attorneys are niche and have a very intricate understanding of the trademark laws.  However, the cost of hiring a trademark attorney to protect your company’s trademark rights is small relative to the cost of not hiring a trademark attorney.  Failing to seek trademark rights can and has resulted in significantly more trademark attorney fees down the line.

Turn to our Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and South Florida Trademark Attorney Law Firm to draft your trademark application.  Call Tucker IP and speak with Trademark Attorney Matthew Sean Tucker.  Dial 1-844-4-TUCKER.

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Matthew Sean Tucker is an Attorney practicing with a particular focus on patents, trademarks and personal injury, including car accidents, slip & falls, and dog bites, and other acts of negligence. Matthew holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida. Furthermore, Matthew received his J.D. at the University Of Baltimore School Of Law with a dual concentration in intellectual property law and business law. He is also a member of the Florida Bar, and an inventor of several patent pending inventions.