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Civil litigation is the process in which civil matters are resolved through court intervention. Civil litigation includes matters involving business disputes and personal disputes. Tucker IP has your civil litigation needs covered. For example, the Firm will represent you in various civil litigation areas, including intellectual property litigation, commercial litigation, contract disputes, car accidents, and personal injury matters.

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The firm maintains an intellectual property litigation practice that is experienced in the nuances of intellectual property litigation. The firm has the knowledge and the experience to handle any intellectual property issue that will come your way.  Attorney Matthew Sean Tucker has successfully litigated against the largest law firms in the world.

The Firm will work with you to develop a litigation strategy that fits your business model. In many cases, negotiated settlements cannot be reached without litigation. In those cases, litigation is used to drive the case towards a negotiated resolution. In other cases, the intellectual property dispute must be resolved by a jury.  In all cases, Tucker IP has you covered.

With Tucker IP, you can feel confident that the firm will litigate your case in a cost-effective manner. The Firm will keep you updated on the status of your case and work extremely hard to maintain the goals of your case strategy.

Tucker IP Patent Litigation

Tucker IP attorneys have litigated utility and design patents for both plaintiffs and defendants. Attorney Matthew Sean Tucker’s experience litigating utility patents extends into many diverse fields including medical devices, factory automation, advanced electrical components, boating parts and accessories, and household goods, to name just a few. In addition, Attorney Matthew Sean Tucker has litigated design patents for the design of shoes, home garden products, cell phone case design, and other various design patents.

Tucker IP Trademark Litigation

Trademarks are an important aspect to many businesses that allows consumers to relate a level of quality of a good or service to a particular brand.  For this reason, Tucker IP Attorney Matthew Sean Tucker has litigated to protect the goodwill of clients’ trademarks.

Attorney Matthew Sean Tucker also have extensive experience defending companies accused of infringing upon the trademark of another. Being accused of trademark infringement can be devastating to the life of a business. The Firm understands the pressures that clients face when in receipt of a legal complaint filed in Federal Court.

In addition, the Firm assists and counsels clients on effective strategies to avoid becoming a named defendant in trademark litigation. The best way to avoid becoming a defendant in trademark litigation is to be proactive. Let Tucker IP work with you and evaluate your business practices to help you avoid the fatal flaw of many businesses.  Clients never intend to violate the trademark laws, but once they do it may be too late to simply change the name of their products or services. To learn more, please click here.

Tucker IP Trade Dress and Unfair Competition Litgation

Trade dress is similar to trademarks. Trade dress protects the visual appearance of a products and their packaging to prevent consumers from being tricked into believing that they are buying a product from a particular brand when in fact the product is made by another brand. Tucker IP can help you resolve a trade dress or unfair competition matter in a cost-efficient manner.

Tucker IP Copyright Litigation

Tucker IP assists clients in both enforcing and defending against copyright claims.  While many individuals think of books when considering copyright infringement, the majority of newly filed copyright litigation is based on the infringement of computer related software. Attorney Matthew Sean Tucker has the experience with copyright litigation and is here to discuss your case with you.

Additional Information

For additional information, please contact Matthew Sean Tucker. Matthew is an experienced registered patent attorney and has a degree in electrical engineering for the University of Central Florida.