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Tucker IP is dedicated to helping those with copyright infringement disputes.  Let a Firm attorney advise you of your legal rights and options.  Whether you seek to commercialize and enforce your rights to a copyright or to defend an allegation of copyright infringement against you, Tucker IP can help you reach a prompt resolution.

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Have you received Notice from your Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) telling you that a Subpoena has been issued by Court that directs your ISP to disclosure of your identity to a Copyright Troll?  Copyright Trolls use Subpoenas to uncover the identity of a particular Internet Protocol address (“IP address”). An IP address is associated to your computer and kept by your Internet Service Provider, such as Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Earthlink, NetLink, and the like.

However, your name is unknown to the Plaintiff Copyright Troll, which is why they must seek your identify through a subpoena.  As of late, Courts have agreed in various jurisdictions that a motion to quash should be granted.  In fact, a Florida Court in March of 2014 dismissed a suit brought by Malibu Media holding that “there is nothing that links the IP address location to the identify of the person actually downloading and viewing Plaintiff’s videos.”

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ISP Subpoena Defense AttorneyIf you do not act quickly, your identity will be revealed to the Copyright Troll.  Then, the Copyright Troll sends a demand for a enormous amount of money.  Many people end up paying thousands of dollars to settle the case.  And once these Copyright Trolls learn your true identity, they can institute a lawsuit against you and demand discovery.

In many cases, you only have ten to fifteen days to fight the Supoena seeking to identify you.  Tucker IP can move quickly, fight the subpoena, and attempt to prevent your ISP from disclosing your name to the Copyright Troll.

Keep in might that in many cases, disclosure of the person associated to the IP address cannot identify whether that person was involved in the download or distribution of copyrighted material; whether that person has acknowledged personal involvement in the download and distribution of copyrighted material; or whether the circumstances increase the likelihood that the person is the infringer.

In many cases, the Copyright Troll brings litigation against an unidentified “John Doe” defendant for porn flicks with embarrassing titles.  One such offender is Malibu Media, which files a hail of litigation against unnamed John Doe Defendants on a constant basis.

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Contact Tucker IP if you have received an ISP Subpoena notification.  Tucker IP can attempt to protect your identify by filing a motion to quash.  Tucker IP serves clients throughout the United States, South Florida and Orlando. Call the Firm toll-free at 1-844-4-TUCKER or send us an email through the Firm’s website.

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