NVIDIA Sues Samsung through its Patent Attorneys

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NVIDIA Sues Samsung through its Patent Attorneys


In an unexpected move and offensive move, NVIDIA filed patent complaints against Samsung and Qualcomm. While NVIDIA is regularly involved in patent lawsuits, the cases are typically defensive in nature, such as the patent sued initiated by

Rambus for DDR signaling or Intel relating to the loss of rights to chipsets for their products.

NVIDIA has stated that it attempted to license its technology to Samsung, but after “no progress” during negotiations, the company was left with no

In the space of GPU, NVIDIA is the dominant party so it should come as no surprise that NVIDIA is protecting their niche space. The company has spent more than $9 billion developing their products through research and development. And it should also come as no surprise that as the leading GPU manufacturer and developer, NVIDIA has a massive patent portfolio that it can enforce against newcomers.

These are the types of high-profile patent cases that will last many years, likely include inter partes review, dispute over attorney fees and costs of the litigation.

This type of legal case will likely fuel Apples request from congress to reform the patent laws.

Nevertheless, there is typically underlying purposes in patent litigation, such as increasing negotiating positions in other areas of their practice. Not surprisingly, Samsung has filed counter claims alleging patent infringement of their portfolio. This is why our Patent Law Firm urges all companies involved in innovation and/or product development to build a strong patent portfolio.

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