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Before using a name, logo, slogan, and sometimes even sounds and colors, it is critical to that you let an experienced trademark attorney conduct a trademark search to determine whether a business already has legal rights to a conflicting trademark.  The search is vital to identifying identical conflicts and also similarly confusing marks.

Trademark Search Comparison

In many unfortunate instances, clients come to the Firm after being  being sued for trademark infringement.  It is sometimes possible to quickly settle the case and keep the attorneys fees low.  However, attorney fees are not the only significant expense.  In many instances, settlement requires changing your business or product name, which could include the destruction of products, brochures, business cards, letterhead, signs, advertisements, your website, and the like.  This can cripple a business. Furthermore, the time required to both fight a trademark lawsuit and disassociate infringing trademarks for your business can be overwhelming.