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Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer

South Florida Car Accident AttorneyThere is no such thing as a simple Fort Lauderdale car accident, which is why you should hire a Tucker IP Accident Lawyer.  Your Tucker IP Accident Lawyer can help you recover your damages for your injuries.

Tucker IP understands the difficulties that you face after a car accident, including mounting medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle repairs.

The Firm has been witness to the catastrophic injuries that results from a crashes in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm, and Miami.  Further, the Firm has seen the struggles that many victims are up against in trying to recover for their economic losses.  And many attorneys will not take your case to trial and instead convince you to settle.  Not Tucker IP.  When you talk with your Tucker IP accident attorney, they will discuss the most prudent course of action.  When necessary, Tucker IP is a law firm that is not afraid to take your cases before a jury.

Contact a Tucker IP Accident Attorney to aide in the full recovery and compensation of your losses and injuries.  Because the Firm is well-versed in Florida laws, Tucker IP can help maximize the compensation that an insurance company will pay to you. 

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A Fort Lauderdale Accident Attorney at Tucker IP Can Help You!

A Tucker IP Car Accident Attorney can help to obtain the maximum amount of compensation available for from each and every insurance company.  In many cases, Tucker IP will be able to uncover insurance policies that you would not have otherwise found on your own.  Further, the Firm will investigate your case to determine each insurance policy where benefits may be recoverable. 

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Accident Attorney First Steps

Have you suffered a serious injury in an auto accident?  The Firm can seek compensation.  Let a Tucker IP Car Accident Attorney seek legal compensation for your injuries.  Your Tucker IP Accident Attorney will negotiate with the insurance company to obtain a fair settlement.  At Tucker IP, you are not just another case number.

A Tucker IP Accident Attorney can take the following first steps to prepare your case for maximum compensation:

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  • Obtain the police report and accident scene information
  • Question witnesses
  • Reconstruct the accident scene
  • Photograph your injuries, the accident scene, and other damage
  • Analyze medical records
  • Hire expert witnesses
  • Negotiate with insurance adjusters and opposing legal counsel on your behalf

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Obtaining Justice

Lady Liberty Accident AttorneyYour Tucker IP Accident Attorney will seek damages to compensate you for your injuries.  In seeking damages, your Tucker IP Accident Attorney will discuss your case with the negligent party’s insurance company.  If approved, the insurance company will compensate you for your injuries without the need for a lawsuit.  And in many cases, your Tucker IP Accident Attorney will obtain compensation to cover any remaining losses from your accident, all without having to resort to court intervention.  However, the negligent party’s insurance company typically strives to minimize the compensation that must be paid out.  In which case, your Tucker IP Accident Attorney can sue the negligent person you caused your injury.
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Three Primary Insurance Coverages:


Trademark Benefits No. 1PIP

Personal Injury Protection (PIP), also called Florida no-fault, typically pays for the medical expenses of the individuals injured, including the driver and passengers of your vehicle, regardless of who is at fault. 

The State of Florida requires all drivers to carry a $10,000.00 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which covers up to 80% of injuries and 60% of lost wages, regardless of which party is at fault.  While the PIP law provides accident victims with funds to initially treat for their injuries, PIP coverage is rarely enough to provide funds for the total cost of medical bills and lost wages.  In addition, PIP does not provide compensation for the pain and suffering, property damages, and many other types of damages.

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Trademark Benefits No. 2Bodily Injury Coverage

When a Tucker IP Accident Attorney seeks damages on your behalf, the claim is usually based on the bodily injury coverage that the negligent party has purchased. 

Many insurance companies suggest that drivers purchase enough coverage to cover the full value of a lawsuit, without jeopardizing that driver’s personal assets.  Unfortunately, many drivers are uninsured or underinsured. 

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Trademark Benefits No. 3Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Accidents

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is a very important coverage because once you have exhausted your PIP coverage and the other driver does not have sufficient insurance coverage to cover your injuries, your uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance coverage will provide additional insurance coverage to compensate you for your injuries. 

The Firm strongly recommends purchasing uninsured/underinsured insurance coverage to protect yourself in the event that you are seriously injured by a driver without sufficient coverage. 

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Types of Car Accident Claims

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Every person always owes a duty to exercise the reasonable care that a reasonably careful person would use under like circumstances.  Negligence is doing something that a reasonably careful person would not do under like circumstances or failing to do something that a reasonably careful person would do under like circumstances.  Negligence is fact and circumstance specific.  Drivers have a duty of reasonable car in the operation of their vehicle, to enable him or her to avoid endangering or injuring other persons.  Moreover, ever driver is charged with the responsibility of having his or her vehicle under control at all times.

A Tucker IP accident lawyer will investigate the specific facts of your case to prove that the other party acted outside of the standard of care expected by others.  Accordingly, negligent party could include, for example, negligent drivers, reckless drivers, drunk drivers, passengers, bicyclists, dog owners, and pedestrians.

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If you have been injured as a result of another’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation to based on the measure of injury in terms of money.  A Tucker IP Accident Attorney can establish damages, including:

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  • Medical Expenses – A person can recover money for medical attention, such as emergency hospital visits, surgery, orthopedic doctors, neurologists, chiropractic services, and the like.
  • Future Medical Expenses – A person that shows the need for future medical expenses will be entitled to recover damages to absorb the cost of future medical bills.
  • Lost Wages – A person injured by the negligence of another driver may recover lost earnings that results from the temporary incapacity to continue his or her occupation.
  • Future Lost Wages – A person that sustains a diminished ability to earn wages can be compensated for the amount of loss due to the diminished capacity.
  • Pain and Suffering – A person that suffers pain and suffering can recover for both the pain and for the suffering. The amount of pain and/or suffering awarded should be based on the nature of your injuries, the character of the injures as producing or not producing pain; the mildness or intensity of the pain; the probable duration of any pain.
  • Mental Anguish – A person that suffers from emotional distress that flows for the sustained injuries is able to recover damages. The emotional distress must arise directly from the physical injuries sustained.
  • Loss of Consortium – A person is entitled to obtain compensation for damages that results in the loss of company, cooperation, aid, or even sexual relations. Loss of consortium also includes a parent’s or a child’s loss of consortium.
  • Punitive Damages – In cases where the negligent party acted with malice or a complete disregard, an injured person may be entitled to punitive damages to punish the party that caused the injuries. Punitive damages could raise require, for example, three times the amount of damages that would otherwise be awarded.


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Manufacturer Liability

In some accidents, the manufacturer may be liable for a defect in the vehicle or one of vehicle’s parts.  There are a few theories of recovery for a manufacturer’s liability.  Regardless of the legal theory under which the Tucker IP accident attorney brings your lawsuit, the underlying injury must have been caused by the defect.  If the jury finds no defect, you cannot recover under the theory of manufacturer’s liability.  In order to succeed, a Tucker IP Accident Attorney must establish on behalf of the Plaintiff that:

  • The manufacturer produced a product with a defect
  • The defect existed at the time of the injury;
  • The defect was unreasonably dangerous; and
  • A link between the product’s condition and your injuries and damages.

Some manufacturer liability cases have been based on defective accelerators, airbags, brakes, engines, driver shaft, tires, and seatbelts.

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Road Design

In some accidents, negligent construction, design, and/or maintenance of a road way may cause or contribute to an accident.  For example, embankments, guard rails, barriers, roadway surfaces, signage, and traffic control members, may be poorly constructed, positioned, or designed.  You may have a negligence claim against the city, the engineering company, or others, who designed, constructed, and maintained the roadway hazard.  A Tucker IP Accident Attorney will review the roadway defect to determine if there is viable lawsuit.

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Wrongful Death

Family members of the deceased may have a legal cause of action for wrongful death through the legal representative of the deceased.  A Tucker IP Wrongful Death Attorney can help the surviving members of the deceased family obtain compensation for the loss of loved ones.  Contact a Tucker IP Wrongful Death Lawyer to determine whether you can obtain compensation for the loss of your loved one.

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FREE Case Review

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