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Change Your Oil

Trademarks are the Oil to Your Company’s Engines When it comes to taking care of your car, everyone understands that getting your oil changed is necessary to prevent costly engine damage.  Oil is a lubricant that is essential to vehicle operation to allow metal pistons to rub against the metal cylinder without heating to the point of welding together.  If you do not change your oil, dirt and other grime accumulates in the oil until the oil can no longer lubricate the engine and the engine fails.  For this and many other reasons, the majority of individuals take their car in for regular oil changes to protect their engine. Trademarks are the oil of your company.   Your company will only run a short time without it.  More importantly, the […]

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Can I File Myself or Do I Need a Patent Attorney?

HIRING AN EXPERIENCED PATENT ATTORNEY OR GOING AT IT ALONE One of the most asked questions: “Can I file a patent application myself.”  Practically, NO!  You wouldn’t jump out of an airplane without a parachute and you shouldn’t file a patent application without the help of an experienced patent attorney.  A patent attorney can […]

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Investor Expectations: Comprehensive Patent Search

INVESTORS WANT PATENTABILITY SEARCHES Investors want a return on their capital.  So when you approach investors, they want to see that you have taken the steps to protect their capital by way of a patent application.  But the reality is that most patents take two to four years to issue, and so you will seek investors shortly after […]

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Should I Get a Patent Search

First Time Inventor: Should I Have a Patent Attorney Conduct a Patent Search? YES.  Prior to committing the time and financial resources to a patent application, it is a good idea to allow an experienced patent lawyer the time to search for and examine prior inventions that could affect your ability to obtain a patent.  While the most obvious benefit of a patent search is to determine whether your invention is available for patent protection, it is far from the only benefit.  I have consistently found that […]

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